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Nebo Ignite partners with startups to provide agency capabilities in brand, product design and marketing. We have a decidedly different take on venture capitalism, with no fine-print or hidden costs.

A perfect


We are seeking early-stage digital entrepreneurs who want to build amazing products, but need creative guidance to make their dreams a reality. With your dream and our vision, we can form a mutually beneficial collaboration.



Our approach is simple. We provide services, real-world experience and top-notch digital talent in exchange for equity in your start-up. If you've got a brilliant idea, we have the experience and creative spark you need.

One-Stop Digital Shop

Nebo is a full service interactive agency with design, development and marketing capabilities. Our award-winning team will not just bring your idea to life; it will bring the know-how to make sure your project steps out into the world with its best foot forward.


Design is more than just pretty pixels. It’s a combination of user experience, art direction and marketing. Our team will ensure the design of your project has both style and the substance to back it up.


The way a user interacts with an application can spell success or failure no matter how great the idea. Through research and testing, we will ensure your audience enjoys a comfortable experience instead of shutting down your product and your chances of success.


Code is our native language. We speak it fluently and elegantly. All development is done in-house for full control of projects and maximum collaboration.


A great product is nothing without good word of mouth. Our team of seasoned digital marketing specialists will use a combination of SEO, PPC, PR and other tools to bring your story to life, ensuring your project makes an impact when it hits the market.


Our Google AdWords and Google Analytics certified team will apply our ROI-driven approach to analytics to create higher performing campaigns and drive bottom line results.

What we're looking for

The Idea

This is what it all starts with. But what makes something a good idea? Well, it’s your job to prove it to us. We need to see proper research and due diligence into what makes your idea the next big thing.


We want to see that you are enthusiastic about your idea—not just the concept, but also the process of developing it. We need to know that you have the drive to see it through from the best expectations to the worst.

Competitive Advantage

What makes your idea better than something currently on the market? Is it disruptive? Does it solve a problem? Is there a pain point or conflict that it specifically addresses? A competitive advantage is crucial to your success and our interest.


Creating a start-up is an iterative process wherein we will all learn and grow together over the course of the project. We need to know that you will be able to roll with the punches.

Keep it Simple

Explain your idea to us the same way you would explain it to your mom: in clear, concise language that speaks to the heart of your idea while giving us a vision of the bigger picture.


You’re not just selling an idea. You’re selling YOU. We want to know who you are as the person behind the idea.


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Think you've got what it takes?

Want to work with Nebo Ignite? Or, do you just have a few questions? Feel free to drop us a line. And if you just want to say, “Hello,” well, that’s fine too.

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